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If you wish we can order this item for you. Reason for selling. Easily one of the most extravagant and bizarre of the long fin plecos, this line is being selectively bred for extensive finnage and  SUPER RED Bristlenose Pleco 2 inch+ Ancistrus sp. Double Red Veil Tail Guppies. super red pleco longfin - Google Search Super red bristlenose plecos Tropical Fish Aquarium, Home Aquarium, Fish Green dragon bristlenose pleco. 00 PSEUDANCISTRUS SIDEREUS - RARE PLECO MED/LG : Euclidsfish: 01d 20h + 75. 00 Tetra Red Ember Tetra Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Normally sold online 10-12 each. Nor are several others that often get called “common”. Saltwater or Green Dragon pleco. 5 inch-Out of Stock. Galaxy Pleco L029 Lrg $ 402. Rocks and driftwood help to accent a natural habitat and provide hiding spaces to reduce stress for the Red Lizard Whiptail Pleco. And she is an excellent seller and shipper for those of you who do not know her. You plop down your $5, and you and A generally peaceful and hardy species, the Longfin Bristlenose Pleco is an excellent, undemanding candidate for most aquariums. ). 99 - $26. Shirlie is a fish and aquarium lover with 16 years of experience writing on the topic of raising and keeping fish at home. Olive green body. Extra oxygen can be added to battle the red algae, but often a tank must be cleaned and restarted if it gets out of control. 7 cm), which is still not near enough a Common pleco. Things to remember when feeding your Pleco: Feed daily. such as loaches and common plecos are not good companions for whiptails. We worked for 4 months to transform an empty warehouse and bring you one of the best Aquatic Stores on Merseyside. Price $85. For the Asian redtail catfish, see Hemibagrus wyckioides. Orange Seam Pleco L106 M/S $ 46. Bushy Nose Pleco / Bristle Nose Pleco Size is about 1 - 1. Supplement with raw zucchini or cucumbers as a treat once or twice a week. 99 Scarlet Cactus Pleco L025 $149. parva and the red dragon whiptail R. Also, I think so cute the his eyes. Leopardus Pleco L-114 2. When it comes to smaller plecos, some people refer to them as exotic plecos , and many of the species can be pretty expensive. 95 L104 Clown Pleco - 1. 95 Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) L046 Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) L333 Gurupa Pleco (Hypancistrus sp. Pictures shows the father. Sunshine Pleco L-14 10"-12 So the order of shyness from shyest to least is: Clown, rubber lip, bristlenose. In our complete guide to Peacock Cichlids we are going to discuss everything you need to know include: known varieties, how to care for them, ideal tank mates and much more… Description: The bristlenose pleco, Ancistrus temminckii and related species, is a wonderful fish to have. clown knife md. 00: 20: Apistogramma cacatuoides orange (FANTASTIC!) 1-2" 35. The Wet Spot Tropical Fish must be notified within 24 hours of any problems. Discus fish Small size discus 6/7cm Blue diamond Blue turquoise Larger discus 8 to 10cm Red alenquer Red pigion Great quality discus Quarantined 1 month All stock on gofishonline l 397 pleco 40$ l066 pleco 50$ red lizards 40$ whiptails 30$ bristles nose shortfins 8$ bristles nose longfin common 15$ l002 pleco 35$ peppermint bristlenose 15$ featherfin catfish 20$ upside down catfish 15$ please Ancistrus sp. Red Lizard Catfish, L010a/L10a Classification. Add to cart. The spotted pleco's mouth has uniquely adapted to allow it to better feed on the algae growing on underwater rocks and boulders. The fish is definitely not for community tanks due to its aggressive behavior towards its IF ADS UP FISH STILL AVAILABLE. indian shovelnose catfish. 45 $ 169. Also known as the Bushy nose Pleco, these easy to care for tropical freshwater fish are perfect for beginner aquarists, and advanced aquarists alike. Albino Green Dragon Ancistrus Pleco Currently Unavailable. 00 Add to cart. 0-8. In small tanks (20 gallons) they should reach about 5 inches at max, before being relocated to a larger one. Longfin Red Dragon Ancistrus. 00 Select options. The red-tailed black shark, also known as the redtail shark and redtail sharkminnow, is a species of freshwater fish in the carp family, Cyprinidae. Check back here often for updated videos. Feb 26, 2011 · Super Red Ancistrus Stella byday. loss of color; spots or fungus on body or mouth; feeding during the day  Find Pleco in Fish for Rehoming | Buy or sell fish or aquariums in Toronto (GTA). Rough Sketch These include such favorites as the common whiptail R. Out of stock. share. Albino bristlenose pleco's 1 1/2" $8. 00: Baryancistrus sp. Red Tail Blue Botia 2" (Yasuhikotakia Modesta) 14. They have an beautiful color and beautiful spotted, beautiful fin. 00 FINAL FANTASY XIV, Fishing Database - Cat became hungry Its name known to strike fear into babes and fishers alike, tales of this saltwater legend have been told for nigh on a thousand summers. 0 Algae wafers, vegetables, occasional frozen foods Compatibility: Plecos, catfish, school. celestial danio. Please Contact Us to order! UPDATED SUNDAY MAR 29, 2020 (MOBILE: SCROLL RIGHT FOR PRICES OR TURN PHONE TO LANDSCAPE) Tetra Glo Fish!!! - 6 For 60. Keywords African cichlid, cichlids, p Jul 17, 2016 · The Asian arowana, also known as the dragon fish, is believed by the Chinese to bring good luck and prosperity due to its red color and coin-like scales. 99 Select options. 95 $ 47. overhead filter, air bubbles, fake plants, skull stones, garden rocks, 5 FREE SHIPPING - MALE SUPER RED PLECO : Peterthiele: 06d 13h + 28. - flower horn cichlid stocking in 50 gallons tank - Bucola now at 1 year old Male Red Dragon FH 50 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 50 gal. Lake Malawi cichlids. It is usually referred to as Pleco because of the superstition that if you spell it fully or correctly your fish will soon die. Synodontis multipunctatus "Cuckoo Catfish" Synodontis multipunctatus IN STOCK. What types of fry am I going to get out of it? A subreddit for all aquarium lovers! Feel free to post here looking for advice on anything aquarium related, saltwater, freshwater, planted, or any other type of aquarium. The red-eyed tree frog, Agalychnis callidryas Depicts same object. 48. $79. This beautiful fish goes by many names a couple of them are Dragon Blood, and Gold Peacock. tiger barbs Lifespans of over 150 tropical fish and inverts By: Bunny Oshinsky While this chart doesn't read as an article, I thought it would present best as a big, easy-to-read/search list posted in the articles section. , Ancistrus sp. 5-3 inchs 6 Aquarium Natural Slate Breeding 4 Bristle Nose pleco juvies Long / Short fin : Larsb: 01d 17h + 12. Royal Pleco L-190 1"-2" (Panaque nigrolineatus) 8. Some Plecos require driftwood as part of Green Dragon Ancistrus Pleco Currently Unavailable. snowflake freshwater moray lg. 5". 00 L095 ORANGE CHEEKED PINECONE PLECO - XL BLUE LOOK! Euclidsfish: 02d 09h + 280. It is endemic to the Thailand and currently crit… Ghostwood has a twisted, weathered-texture that's a great addition to any reptile enclosure or aquarium or aquascape. ) Bushy Nose Pleco (Ancistrus sp. The variety being referred in this article are the longfin “Green Dragon” plecos. The Bristlenose Pleco ( Ancistrus sp. Tiger Shovelnose Catfish 6" (Pseudoplatystoma Fasciatum) 10. A well-balanced Pleco diet consists of: Algae and sinking algae wafers. They come from South America. 95 L114 Red Tail Leopard Cactus Pleco (Project Piaba) - 2 inch $59. SIX FISH 6 X L046 ZEBRA PLECO HYPANCISTRUS ZEBRA 4 . The L-number system is a semi-scientific classification system of catfish based on photographs of shipments of tropical catfish of the family Loricariidae published by the German aquarium magazine DATZ (Die Aquarien- und Terrarienzeitschrift (The Aquarium and Terrarium Magazine)). i went to my fishstore and i saw this pleco about a foot long with redstriped fins and eyes, with white stripes down the side. 00: Corydora Habrosus $5. bristlenose Condition: Used; Good Condition Descriptions Very Good - Above average condition with only slight signs of usage. They are native to Lake Malawi and are one of the most friendly and peaceful members of the Cichlids. 00: OUT: Ancistrus sp. They are also plant and invertebrate safe, making them a unique and Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 1-2 inch $22. save hide report. 00 per pleco min 6 plecos, mix of 3 albino and 3 camo green. A fish this size would need a tank well over 100 gallons. We apologize, we do not stock this product. We are housed over 2100 sqft of floor space which contains a pond section, tropical, cold water, cichlids, inverts and a marine section. oscars. To simplify things, I have grouped the plecos we sell in a couple of categories, namely, 'Dwarf + Bristlenose Pleco', 'Spotted Pleco', 'Striped Plecos', and lastly 'Whiptail Catfish and Others'. zebra danio. ) 12. Jun 05, 2017 · A visit to the fish store reveals an entire world of algae eaters. Jun 21, 2014 · Hypostomus plecostomus is often called “common” pleco, but it isn’t. 95 L141 Ghost Pleco - 3-4 inch $54. ) available in the hobby, the "super red" form is probably the most colorful and sought after. A lot of new aquarists think that Plecostomus species are weird and ugly. GOLDEN STRIPE SUCKER – 5. Tails and Scales. "Blue Eye" Pleco $15. sp. 00 Read more; Neon Blue Guppy (Pair) 1 Male and 1 Female $ 20. 00 3. Baryancistrus: from the Ancient Greek βαρύς (barús), meaning ‘heavy’ and the generic name Ancistrus, in reference to the broad, robust body shape of member species. Large Pleco - $20 Medium Pleco -$15 Texas Cichlid 6in - $65 Red Belly Pacu Fish - $35 Price depends on Size and what kind of Cichlids or Fish you want it text me. the label said EXTREMELY RARE- Red Dragon Pleco (or somthing very similar). Categories: All In Stock Fish, Brazil Tags: Abn, Albino Bristlenose Catfish, Albino Veiltail Catfish, Ancistrus sp. These are very hardy fish. 75" to 1" Price $4 per pleco min 6, mix of 3 albino and 3 green. You searched for: pleco cave! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. The fish you purchase will be selected from mixed groups of short-fin and long-fin. Origin: This Plecostomus lived in the Amazon Basin, and they range throughout South America. Most people should avoid panaques (Panaques spp), also called royal plecos. - 10x Sunshine peacock cichlids about 2-2. Discover happyfishonline's photos on SlickPic. 0 CM, HYPOSTOMUS PLECOSTOMUS SPP. i asked the man running that row of tanks and he said it was from Asia. 48 Ancistrus sp. Like all species in the genu King Tiger Pleco L-66- $65 L-243 Orinoco Banded Pleco- $50 L091 Dragon Fin Pleco- $95 Horse-face Loach- $5 Giant Coolie Loach- $4 Bumble Bee Goby- $2. Brown algae (caused by inadequate light) forms huge brown layers in your aquarium. #N#SomethingsPhishy is your Discus, Angelfish, Pleco and Tropical Fish Superstore! Fast Shipping, High Quality and Low Prices. ea. These are green dragon plecos and this line has a nice green color. 99 Black Dragon Cactus Pleco L185 $119. 5. 13" JAGUAR 3" RED DRAGON PEACOCK (2 LEFT) all sold. Pleco. They are perfectly peaceful in a community. We supply high quality, Marine, Tropical & Coldwater fish, inverts and plants plus a good range of foods and accessories at very competitive prices. One of the main reasons this fish is so common in home aquariums Mar 24, 2015 · GdBn, Green Dragon Bristlenose Pleco: Green dragons are a line bred strain of the common bristlenose. Big Tanks, Plecostomus "Green Dragon" Longfin. asst platy. Request order for the Longfin Green Dragon Pleco. Sometimes very old plecos can get even longer. Call or Stop In This video shows a Pleco about 7" long that's scouring the surface of a big rock for bits of algae. We are not a pleco website and will not attempt to display all the plecos here, L091 Dragon Fin Pleco (彩鰭坦克) L010A Red Whiptail Catfish (紅色直昇機). There are dozens of Ancistrus species. 6 cm). Buy Aquarium Fish Online in India. This is the male guarding the eggs, this group also throws out albino pleco too. List: $17. Dimensions are selected based on our 10-year experience in breeding Plecos. 95 $21. I think in a 29g, the bristle nose or clown would be the best option as far as adult size. 95 $34. 99 The Red Lizard Whiptail Plecostomus is referred to as (L010a), or (L-10a) by most hobbyists. green mango pleco. they are free but should be collected from moreton near dorchester. bubble eye goldfish. Provide the fish with meaty foods by giving it treats of blood worms and brine shrimp twice a week. L282- KING GALAXY PLECO - rare Gorgeous pink. Size 2"++ Price $7. Japanese Blue Guppy with lower swordtail Gene (Pair) 1 Male and 1 Female. Posted by 4 days ago. 5" $ 19 $ Green phantom pleco L-200 5-6" 49 $ Fancy guppies male 2 $ female 2$ pair 3 $ Golden Clam 1" 1 $ Silver arowana 5" 59 $ Thai silk flowerhorn 1. Call me at to arrange purchase pickup. Blue Phantom Pleco L128 M/S $ 110. Loading Unsubscribe from Stella byday? Green Dragon & L144 Pleco - Duration: 1:29. But as time goes by, most aquarists enjoy Plecostomus catfish more and more and finally come to see the real beauty in them! We now have these in every single tank in the hatchery, even and especially in our breeding tanks. 24. Jul 20, 2019 · Plecostomus - Pleco Fish. Males of this and several other species also may display elongated dorsal fins; male common plecos often feature red dorsal fins. The Bushy Nose Pleco is a peaceful species that is popular among hobby aquarists. L-02 Clown Pleco 1. Shuting down the tanks. Nile Perch. Here we are an offer best quality for Pleco Ancistrus Sppotted Snow Green Dragon Special Line Bred Uniquely Rare and guarantee cheaper than other online shopping store. • PLECOSTOMUS, ALBINO ANCISTRUS. The Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Plecostomus. Though sold as youngsters, these fish can grow to at least 2 feet long. 00: Ancistrus sp. Tiger Shovelnose Catfish 6" (Pseudoplatystoma Fasciatum) 13. There banned from the US? I have a hard time believing that. ) Also known as the Mar 09, 2019 · I have a Male super red short fin and a female albino long fin pleco that just spawned, the male came from a pure super red line and the albino came from an only albino spawn. . We created the Original Plecostomus Plush or Sucker Fish Plush because we love that catfish. 873 likes. Every year we have a extraordinary new series of Pleco Plush Toys for you to add to your collection and we always have fun contest for our costumers to participate in. Brittlenose Pleco has red and white cysts like this on both sides by the - red dragon blood peacock cichlids 1-2. rhino pleco. Plecostomus (Pleco) Red Fin Thresher Pleco L116 $44. Standard bristlenose pleco's 1 1/2" $5. Green Dragon $16. View · Snow Ball Pleco. 2 inches or so. High Hat Glass Fish. 95 L010A Lizard Cat - Red - 2-3 inch : $24. Calico Bristlenose Pleco (about 1 inch+) $10. The parents are a stunning color as shown in the pictures. 99 $149. Welcome To Azim Fish Farm. 5-2" 29 $ Redtail pleco L178 3" 29 $ Bolivian ram 2" 6 $ Large Pleco - $20 Medium Pleco -$15 Texas Cichlid 6in - $65 Price depends on Size and what kind of Cichlids or Fish you want it text me. SUPER RED DRAGON (SRD) FLOWERHORN for the Cheapest Price | Get Amazing Discount. The Red Devil Pleco (Pseudacanthicus pirarara) is also known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Scarlet Cactus Pleco, Cactus Pleco, Scarlet Pleco, or their formal identification as L025. ) L333 Porto de Moz Pleco (Hypancistrus sp. L-025 Scarlett. Big Cichlids; Silver Arowana · Bristlenose plecos; Spotted hoplo catfish. Electric Blue Lobster. Green Neons. 5 inch : $7. You can contact us directly through our email below or simply fill out the contact form and make sure you include your right email address. Unlike the widely-seen Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) and Trinidad Pleco (Hypostomus punctatus), which easily reach a monstrous size of 18 to 20+ inches (45 to 51+ centimeters), the Longfin Bristlenose Pleco grows to a size of only 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 Blue Eye Lemon Pleco About 1. kribensis cichlid. GREEN DRAGON BRISTLENOSE PLECO JUVENILES Albino red eye bristlenose Plecos, short fin Great tank cleaners 30 fry for $35 (1 month old) (1 cm to . 95 L015 Candy Stripe Pleco - 3-4 inch $39. Saiflin Leporacanthicus Pleco L240a Med $ 138. Red Dragon Aquatic, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Black Bushynose Pleco Algae Fish L-144. 21 Oct 2019 Author Note: The combination of the blood parrot cichlid and red devel cichlid The main type that you see most often is the Red Dragon Flowerhorn. ) L398 Pleco (Panaqolus tankei) Longfin Albino Bushynose (Ancistrus sp. 1 comment. The pics were taken w/out flash, just a regular fluorescent shop light over the tank. This makes pleco cave absolutely safe for people, aquarium fish and pets. red oscar md/sm. Dwarf Mexican Lobster; Crayfish; Blue Panaque; Red Eye Tetra; Neon Tetra; Orange Silver Arowana; Albinus Rubber Pleco; Royal Pleco; Blood Parrot Cichlid Melanarus Wrasse; Red Fin Fairy Wrasse; Red Dragon Acro; Montipora Indo  Longfin Red Marble Calico Bristlenose Pleco Plecostomus, Cool Fish, Freshwater Plecostomus Green Dragon Plecostomus, Cool Fish, Green Dragon,  564 items Guppy Live Fish 1 Pair Green Dragon Male&Female Live Fish Breeding 1 Pair Guppy Male&Female Red Tail Big Ears live fish Breeding Guppies  1 Jul 2019 The Orinoco River is located in Colombia and Venezuela. For example, blue-eyed pleco (Panaque spp. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a nuchal hump. (L047) Mustard Spot Pleco, LDA031, Orange Spot Pleco: Panaqolus albomaculatus ( Panaque albomaculatus ) Red Fin Dwarf Pleco We will continue to update our Fish List here until the livestock portion of our website is complete. Only give your Bushy Nose Pleco occasional treats in the form of live or frozen meaty foods. $15. We are the breeders of healthy top quality tropical aquarium fishes and Rare Exotic Freshwater fish species. Labeo bicolor) is a carp species in Cyprinidae family. LIVE FISH SHIPPING COSTS GO BY ZONE Click Here To Find Your Zone . what are it's care requirements? Bristlenose catfish (Ancistrus dolichopterus) is one of the most spread species in the family Loricariidae, it’s a very popular tank fish. The Common Pleco or Plecostomus can be a nice fish for the appropriate tank. sold out. First picture of the Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn is look like when they grow up 2nd is small size, 3rd picture is medium and 4th is large size flowerhorn Red Bristlenose Pleco. Aulonocara Firefish are brilliant red cichlids that we recommend for all peacock cichlid tanks. Bristlenose Pleco Various sizes available, clean healthy fish fed on quality food. as the natural brown, as well as spotted, albino, calico, chocolate, red, and white, many bred in both Green Dragon Plecostomus. seen this line of plecos! for extensive finnage and the best green color possible. No one is quite sure how this fish came to be. 5oz. Asking 6 each. red cap oranda. 96 SALE Plecostomus Florida Sm/md $ 7. A high quality pleco cave is made of brown clay firing at high temperature. Red Cobra Guppy-Sold as a pair $ 15. red irian rainbowfish. This article is about the South American redtail catfish. Look inside store for getting more discount, read best our reviews below. Asking 5 each. golden panchax killifish. 00 One-day Shipping. Dragon I finished in a cheerful color the image of South America. 2-3" texas red The Peruvian royal pleco P. They have a solid orange across their body with very little or no black. Courtesy of Emily Voigt, via Qian Hu Hello all, I recently bought my first pleco, an albino pleco 3 days ago. It was originated by a female that showed fewer, and smaller, light areas and was line bred till the spots just went away. Feeding: The Bushy nose pleco is an omnivore species, but the bulk of its diet should always consist of vegetable matter. Oct 3, 2018 - Pearly Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn Fish U14. 00: 50: Ancistrus sp. Normally sold in stores for 10-12 each. And it seems like the bristle nose is the better option for viewing, plus they breed readily in the home aquarium and are easy to distinguish male from Welcome! At GreenPleco we create amazing products that people like you want. Red Pagoda Rock is an extremely attractive exotic aquarium stone that can be used in a variety of freshwater aquariums. $26. They keep the tank spotless, they're very playful to watch when you feed them some left-over veggies, and they make the perfect companions for your angelfish. L-128 Size is about 4-5 inches roughly. $14. It is the only extant species of the genus Phractocephalus. 5"-2" 13. Photo #7 - 6 Months Male Red Dragon - My First Collection freshwater fish - cichlasoma sp. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. peacock gudgeon. Great addition to y… Bushy Nose Pleco (Ancistrus sp. Thanks for Of all the selectively bred morphs of the Common Bristlenose or Bushynose Pleco (Ancistrus sp. 5 inch) - red Feb 19, 2020 · L24 flame catus pleco full red tail hand selected . New Arrival Quick View. A recently developed and sought after strain of the popular Bristlenose Pleco, the Longfin Green Dragon Ancistrus displays unmistakable greenish coloration paired with extremely long, flowing fins. Now go add some variable Rineloricaria sp. Its my 75 gallon growout tank, currently houses about a dozen or so brown BN juvies and 20 2" cichlids along with the super reds. 5"-3"(Pseudacanthicus leopardus 12. Best Algae Eaters Tropical Tank: Red Lizard Whiptail Pleco Fish. Few reference books include answers to one of the most common questions asked by fish owners. Please contact us if you wish to order this product. Plecostomus Catfish are also called Plecos and Algae Eaters. Like blood parrot cichlids, they are man-made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release FB Videos Check out some of our FB Videos just click on the link under the time counter it will redirect you to our FB page we would appreciate you liking this page and tell your friends. Red dragon flowerhorn 2" 9 $ Yellow jaguar 5-6" 49 $ Synspilum 6" 29 $ ID shark 5 $ 10 $ Albino ID shark 3" 9 $ Butterfly pleco L- 52 4. ) females are thought to have larger abdomens relative to similarly sized males. 00: Baryancistrus demantoides "Green Phantom Pleco" L 200 $40. 165 likes. It can reach a length of 18 cm (just over 7 inches). I wanted to use blue, red and yellow. Since it is often sandstone-based, it can significantly raise aquarium pH and hardness. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. aquarium, and will continue to eat algea throughout their lives. Rocks and driftwood help to accent a natural habitat and provide hiding spaces to reduce stress for the Red Lizard Whiptail Plecostomus. Snow Ball Pleco. Super Red - (Shortfin Super Red Bristlenose Pleco) quantity. 25. To purchase Super Red Bristlenose, visit my store at FishNerdStore. com. Hi have a batch of green dragon pleco for sale nice camo green colours on them. 5" red dragon peacock (one left) 2. Gold Trim Royal Pleco L418 M/L $ 227. Jun 21, 2014 · Cherry Barb Stats Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons Care Level: Easy Water Conditions: 6. We've been raising bristlenose alongside our angels for a little while now and I can't say enough about them. 00 6 super red ancistrus pleco : Nelson2232: 06d 15h + No Bids: 56. Visit us online today! Red Lizard Whiptail (L-10A) Plecostomus. I'm devastated as I paid quite a bit of coin for him and as he is brand new Apr 06, 2020 · Common name: Scarlet Plecostomus, L025 Scientific name: Pseudacanthicus Species Average Adult Fish Size: 18 inches / 45 cm! Place of Origin: Brazil, South America Typical Tank setup: Large aquarium with plenty of rocky hiding places along with large pieces of heavy driftwood or bogwood. redtail catfish. Red and Super Red Dragon As mention above, the name red or super red dragon depend on the intensity of the red color the fish have. Red Spot Severum. 00 (2) Longfin Albino Bushynose Pleco *FREE SHIPPING* Livingartwork: 07d 11h + 59. Acanthicus Adonis Pleco L155 Polka Dot Lyretail Pleco. Ghost Pleco L-141. L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco 6" (Hemiancistrus sp. in the salt water i have a six line wrasse , cinamin clown, yellow tail damsel maxima clam, small bulb anemine, coral banded shrimp , and a small sand Jul 22, 2018 · Peacock Cichlids are some of the most colorful fish in the world. 10" spotted sailfin pleco. Jan 02, 2009 · Is this true that the L333( or some #) Plecos will be banned?? I popped into my lfs and they said that today was the last day they would have them in. Maximum Size: This Plecostomus can grow to be over 6" long, including their tails. 0 and Soft to Medium Temperature: 22–27 °C (71. 00: Brown Bushynose Pleco $10. 1:29. Apistogramma Macmasteri Apistogramma macmasteri IN STOCK. Pleco Catfish are the best algae eaters. 5" RED 6" SPOTTED SAILIN PLECOS (REALLY NICE). 5"hai reef peacock. While the Red Whiptail is considered to be harder to breed (see below), they willingly spawn with females of R. lanceolata. 99 (4) Longfin Albino Bushynose Pleco *FREE SHIPPING* Livingartwork Fish Kept: red tuquoise discus, yellow marlbro discus, blue diamond discus, ocean green discus, 2 fancy assorted discus, gaint danios, groumies, neon tetras, loaches, and a royal green pleco. Aquarium Longfin Red Marble Calico Bristlenose Pleco Bristle Nose (Ancistrus) Red Marble Longfin Calicos Plecostomus 3/4-1 inch $10. Updated July 20, 2019 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media:. 00 Add to cart; Super Red Bristlenose Pleco (about 1. Green dragon long fin. ) is one of the most common aquarium Plecos. I have read that some aquarists say that bristlenose plecos are the best “cure” for algae problems. The first L-number was published in 1988. Merseyside Aquatic Warehouse based in Aintree Liverpool Merseyside. 5 °F) Maximum Size: 2 inches (5 cm) The cherry barb (puntius titteya) is a small minnow that has remained a staple of the aquarium hobby for nearly a century. 0 inch Live fish. AAA Red Dragon Flowerhorn (5”-6”) Out Exotic Fish Shop 774-400-4598 Our goal is shipping exotic, high quality, live freshwater fish to aquarium hobbyists all over the USA. The Bristlenose Pleco is a master of disguise, and also a great tank cleaner. Raw vegetables should be anchored near the bottom of the aquarium. red and white oranda. Developed over time from naturally occurring color variants, this fish sports a uniform, vibrant red-orange coloration. 5 inch)-Back Order $ 25. Vietnamese Discus. Rainbow Kribensis Pelvicachromis pulcher IN STOCK. Typically feeds at night. King Pleco L047 Lrg $ 224. Species: "GREEN DRAGON" 5 JUVENILE 2. ) Nov 23, 2008 · I have a 9 inch pleco in a 29 gallon tank with my 5 inch painted turtle and 7 inch long goldfish with some crawdads but the pleco only picks on the turtle and goldfish they dont have to go under the plastic container it stays at for it to be mean. 5" 12. Aqueon Omnivore Shrimp Food Discs 1. L-333 King Tiger Pleco. 50 The Longfin Super Red Bristlenose Pleco is one of the most in-demand, but least often available bristlenose plecos! Common Name: Super Red Bushynose Pleco Max Size: 5" pH: 5. The tube can be used for reproduction many kinds of plecos such as Ancistrus (Bristlenose pleco), Hypancistrus, Peckoltia. Like the common pleco for example, can grow up 2 feet long. ) 9. serpae tetra. L-273 Titanic Pleco. “Red”) with Rineloricaria lanceolata. Loricariidae. Orange, Red. Neon Red Dragon Guppy – Female, Poecilia reticulata, ML. Albino Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus temminckii IN STOCK. They love algae, but they will eat just about anyth Mar 04, 2008 · Pleco's are very passive and keep to their own for the most part. Medusa Pleco L034 M/S $ 57. First picture of the Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn is look like when they grow up 2nd is small size, 3rd picture is medium and 4th is large size flowerhorn Fifth Picture of King Kamfa Flowerhorn Nov 12, 2010 · All of our plecos come from Brazil and Peru, some are bred in captivity and others are wild caught. Planted aquariums with high aeration and water movement make for a healthy environment. The redtail catfish, Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, is a pimelodid (long-whiskered) catfish. 5 inch 1 fish £9 2 inch 1 fish £12 Larger Plecos also available ask for prices, deals on bulk The Blue phantom pleco is a dark blue fish decorated with blueish white spots. dragon fish goby. They only grow to about 3-4 inches long, so they will fit almost any tank. The super-red form was first line-bred from the calico form of the common bristlenose in Germany. 2 inches (10. Show plecos. 99 Add to cart. Ancistrus has caught such close interest due to its features: the fish is called a “tank cleaner”, it’s easy in care, its behavior Snowball Pleco LDA-33 2"-3" (Baryancistrus sp) 10. Orange: Full red: Red cap head: Apistogramma nijsenni: Furcata rainbow: Red cap oranda: Apistogramma viejta redneck: Galaxy rasbora: Red crystal shrimp: Apistogramma Panduro: German blue ram: Red dragon: Asian rummynose: Ghost shrimp: Red grass: Assassin snail: Glass cat: Red king cobra guppy: Assorted Baryancistrus demantoides WERNEKE, SABAJ PÉREZ, LUJAN & ARMBRUSTER, 2005 Green Phantom Pleco, L200 Etymology. 00 1-1 1/2 inch $15. But like almost all pleco fish, this fish was raised by fish farmers. ) Longfin Calico Bushynose (Ancistrus sp. mpimbwe blue frontosa. Shopping guide for catfish. we are also the biggest producer of L46 (Zebra plecos) and other exotic rare species. It’s quite unusual and not demanding fish that attracts attention with its rare body coloring – contrasting combination of almost black and red colors. Ver… Bristlenose Pleco, Small. 99 $44. Contact Us Don’t Hesitate to contact if you are interested in any of our fish. Aug 30, 2019 · Blue Fin Pleco fish in My Aquarium. 00 Add to cart Red tail shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor; syn. Bushynose Red Dragon Dumbo Ear Mosaic Guppy Breeding pair,Fancy Guppy,Rare Guppy,Aquariums Maintain good water quality with regular water changes and adequate filtration. Dec 3, 2018 - Green Dragon Longfin Ancistrus Pleco 4"+ Adult Male Breeder Free Ship Stay safe and healthy. Yellow and slight orange dragon bloods even few that glow under blue lights!!! 2” with color $20 4” just few left $40 6-7” $60 breeder List of species regularly stocked throughout 2019/2020 (subject to season) CAT0310 Rusty Red Pleco L310 / LDA51 CIC1558 Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid (5-6cm) Green dragon long fin bristlenose pleco's 1 1/2" $25. Like many plecos, they love to eat algae. These fish were crossbred between red dragon themselves that from different parents. It is a relatively new unnamed species that was discovered in the lower to middle Rio Xingu, Sao Felix, Senador José Porfírio, Pedral do Caitucá Discus fish Small size discus 6/7cm Blue diamond Blue turquoise Larger discus 8 to 10cm Red alenquer Red pigion Great quality discus Quarantined 1 month All stock on gofishonline l 397 pleco 40$ l066 pleco 50$ red lizards 40$ whiptails 30$ bristles nose shortfins 8$ bristles nose longfin common 15$ l002 pleco 35$ peppermint bristlenose 15 The BN Pleco comes in a wide variety of types and will all mate with each other as they are all BN’s there are Common BN Pleco (different than common plecos), L144 Lemon BN, Albino Bn, Green Dragon BN, Calico Bn, Super Red BN, Chocolate BN, and several other varieties. they are 6-9 weeks old healthy and well eating baby fish. In Venezuela it is known as cajaro and in Brazil it is known as pirarara. Golden Base Flowerhorns (5”-6”) Out of stock. 50 M Black Ruby Barb- $5 Blueberry Shrimp-$4 Vampire Shrimp- $20 Flower Shrimp- $7 Honey Dwarf Gourami- $4 Sparkling Gourami- $4 Dwarf Cory- $5 L Keeri Emperor Tetra- $6 Jumbo Glow Light- $2. 00 Tetra Rummynose Tetra - 10 For 26. All replacements are golden vampire pleco L172a. Goldie, or Sunshine pleco for my freshwater aquarium . Young are raised with a combination protein/ vegetable diet, with. Royal Pleco L-190 1"-2" (Panaque nigrolineatus) 11. The Red Lizard Whiptail Pleco is referred to as L010a, or L-10a by most hobbyists. i am taking it to a fish store tomorrow and exchanging for a smaller one as the fish store keeps their big pleco Aug 28, 2009 · I'm thinking Rosy Red BN suits them better since they're about the same color as rosy red fathead minnows. descriptiontowel with hook with a zebra pleco embroidered fish, these would make a fantastic christmas gift, birthday gift for the fish enthusiast. 00 - $179. blue, green, purple, red and orange glofish danio. the best in tropical fish for over 54 years 5. **Covid-19 lockdown measures may potentially cause 7-14 business day delays** Our priority is to get your fish delivered to you safely. gold zebra danio. Oddly, the common pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus), the namesake of the group, does not work well in most aquariums. We breed these fish in our breeding facilities, Besides of being one of the biggest exporter of these fish varieties. 00 1 3/4-2 inch $25. may only produce 40-50 eggs at first. In most cases, Special Products such as this would arrive within 1-2 weeks. Plecos shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. Our Feed Green phantom pleco’s with sinking pellets and algae wafers for the staple diet. It’s unclear whether this species is collected from the wild or is a Males and females of some pleco species exhibit different body forms. 00 pair: 1: Apistogramma agassizii "Fire Red" (only 1 male is left. Platinum Blue  200 matches I have super red long fin bristlenose Pleco now 4-5 cm also many at 3 cm ring ( 5FT) 60x24x18 Aquarium + Lots of Livestock, Bog wood, Dragon  AULONOCARA RED RUBENCENS • Explore our full DISCUS, RED DRAGON • DISCUS, RED POND PLANTS. 98. 00 – $22. giant danio. We can help you find a great pet insurance deal for you, all in two shakes of a dog's tail. Super Red, Bn, Bushymouth Pleco, Bushynose, Bushynose Catfish, Common Bristlenose Catfish, Green Dragon Bristlenose, Jasons Plecos and Cichlids LLC, Longfin Super Red, Longfin Mega Clown Pleco (L129) Spotted Bulldog Pleco (L148) L201 (Big Spot) Candy Stripe Pleco (L15) L59 Aulonocara sp "Red Dragon" Redhead Cichlid (Vieja synspila) This is a color variant of the standard bristlenose pleco. 00. Shown above are two pictures of a young Marbled Sailfin Pleco for sale in our online store. Red Tail Blue Botia 2" (Yasuhikotakia Modesta) 11. Allow for algal growth in the aquarium, for aesthetics keep the glass clean but on the décor they will graze for food. The most popular telling has that the Ruby Dragon was once a great auspice who willingly succumbed to the aramitama that he might be freed from its burden. Red Dragon Flowerhorn SML Red Dragon Flowerhorn XLRG Thai Silk (Blue Diamond) Flowerhorn MED Kamfa Flowerhorn MED Firemouth Cichlid Nicaraguan Cichlid LRG Green Texas Cichlid MED Red Texas Cichlid MED Texas MED Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Jack Dempsey SML Jack Dempsey MED Blue Gene Jack Dempsey SML Blue Gene Jack Dempsey LRG Jaguar Cichlid Products Sort by Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old Albino Bristlenose Pleco Bristlenose Pleco Various sizes available, clean healthy fish fed on quality food. In case of a casualty, a water sample (water only – no fish), the body (separate from the tank water), and a receipt must accompany all replacement requests. Hundreds of species of plecos exist, and some make better aquarium fish than others. some other types of super red plecos, double red ancistrus, long fin or fancy fin albino and  We carry a large selection of fantastic plecostomus fish and other catfish. 1/2 inch 1 fish £2. It inhabits the Napo River drainage in Peru and Ecuador. Let me know. "Longfin Green Dragon" ---2" 25. titan, known as L418, the Peruvian green royal pleco, or the shampupa pleco, has a juvenile pattern very similar to that of L191, but the adult is much more drably colored. Most commonly found in the Amazon river basin of South America, the Ancistrus Dolichopterus "Bushy Nose" Tank Raised Pleco $15. 50 minimum of 6 1 inch 1 fish £6 1. L-02 Clown Pleco 1 Jul 08, 2018 · This species of pleco remains relatively tiny compared to its brothers: A rubber lip won’t outgrow 4. Oshawa Super Red Bristlenose Plecos. *Assorted Discus Fish 2 inch - 10 Pack. #N#Siam Yellow Master Discus Fish 2 inch. Jan 16, 2017 · In this video, I tell you everything you need about how to keep, feed, breed and care for bristlenose plecos. 99 The cheaper of our two bundles includes the excellent Oxford Chinese Dictionary - adding 60,000 English-to-Chinese entries with Pinyin (so you can look up the proper idiomatic Chinese translation for English words) along with 75,000 Chinese-to-English entries and 150,000 example sentences - plus our four core features, handwriting, OCR, flashcards, and document reader Red and black oranda: Apistogramma Cacat. 00 12. Sold Out. 95 $26. $9. they are available as the natural brown, as well as spotted, albino, calico, chocolate, red, and white, many bred in both short and long fin varieties. Bristlenose’s do a The Bristlenose Pleco. The Wet Spot Tropical Fish has a 24-hour limited warranty on most fish (unless noted). One of the most popular species of Pleco fish you will find in home aquariums all over the globe. king tiger pleco. Size . 95 L052 - Butterfly Pleco - 4-5nch $34. 00: Ancistrus sp Longfin Albino Pleco $10. $65. Found in the Orinoco basin in Colombia and Venezuela, this distinctively marked pleco inhabits acidic water with moderate to fast flow. $12. These fish are not natively found in the wild. Large Flounder. Green dragon standard fin bristlenose pleco's 1 1/2" $15. irwini catfish. Pleco, Scobinancistrus aureatus Inland Bearded Dragon Visually similar work. Super Red Bristlenose (short fin) 1. Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account? Top Products For February. 96 SALE Polka Dot Pleco L201 Tank Raised Med $ 212. Quick View. The salesperson steers you, oddly enough, away from the fish labeled “algae eaters,” explaining that they get kind of big, don’t eat algae when they get big, and can kill your fish. As with all Common Bristlenose Plecos, these fish are ideal aquarium inhabitants 3 Green Dragon Bristlenose Plecostomus Live Fish Aquarium Fresh Water Pleco SUPER RED BRISTLE NOSE PLECOS 2. longfin danio. Results 1 - 12 of 12 (1) Blue Eye Lemon Bristlenose Plecostomus Ancistrus 1. 9 to 10 $250 7 -8inch - $200 5 inch $ 160 5 inch under $150 If you want to buy the group. This species was launched by the German tank resource writer Aqualog using the amount L010a. Quite a few other genera from the Loricariini are seen from time to time, though, including species of Loricaria , Planiloricaria , and Pseudohemiodon . L010A. 5–80. happyfishonline has 5051 photos to explore. "Gold Nugget Plecostomus L018 $40. 5"-3"(Pseudacanthicus leopardus 15. Photos show adult male and female) AVAILABLE Due to variations within the species, your item may not look identical to the image provided Temperament peaceful with acceptions Care Beginner cichlid world. 99 $119. The common name “Bushy Nose” was developed because of the fleshy bristles that stick out of the male’s nose like branches from a tree. Like all Bristlenose Plecos, they are exceptional algae eaters, grazing on diatoms and other nuisance algae in the aquarium. The true “common” pleco is (by code) L021 Pterygoplichthys pardalis which do not get as large (about 10″ to 12″ in a medium sized tank) and do well in a community tank (unlikely to eat your other fish). Black Wolf Fish. Description Additional information Whether you've got a cute kitten or a faithful hound, we know how important your pets are to you and your family. May 23, 2017 · An elongated Catfish with red/red color that’s a compressed body and it included in many lines of bony plates. As is the way with the common bristlenose, they are pretty fertile and as soon as the pure strain got introduced into the market, it quickly spread across Europe and over the Atlantic. 6" RED TIGER MOTO (ONE LEFT). Both beginners and experienced aquarists know about it and keep it. 11 Nov 2017 Unboxing some super cute baby bristlenose plecostomus including Super Red Long Fin Plecos, Long Fin Green Dragons and amazing looking  14 Feb 2019 The Long Fin Green Dragon Pleco Eggs Hatched. leporinus fasciatus. Canned green beans, spinach, lettuce, blanched zucchini, and cucumbers are all relished. Albino Bushynose Pleco Algae Fish L-144. The papa royal pleco, L90, also hails from Peru. The resulting fries maintain their redness, humps, flowers, and body shapes as of their parents. Feeding. The albino supplies unusual temperament and habits because it swims in the daytime as well as at night. ) Blue Phantom Pleco - Hemiancistrus sp. Regular  Ciclidos lago Malawi Y Lago Victoria… aulonocara fire red dragon pareja adulta urgencia: -oscar tigre súper red 22cm precioso dócil -pleco leopardo de velo  31 Jan 2020 L-106 Orange Seam Pleco; L-191 Royal Pleco; L – 239 Blue Panaque Red Dragon Discus Cichlid; Red Marlboro Discus Cichlid; Firemouth  favorites as the common whiptail R. 00 Add to cart; Red Snakeskin Guppy (Pair) 1 Male and 1 Female-BACKORDER $ 18. They have done quite well in many of my tanks. 99 – $32. List: $119. 00 RARE L097 ALENQUER WORM SPOT CACTUS Get the best deals on Live Aquarium Pleco Fish when you shop the largest online selection at eBay Albino red eyes Pleco 1. Instead, he recommends this sucker called a Plecostomus. Pink Tail. $18. King Tiger Hypancistrus sp. "Longfin Super Red Bristlenose" 2" 25. This arvo as I got home from work I saw that all of his poor fins had been nipped and eaten, one almost all gone and the others half chewed away. 5" Live Aquarium Fish Albino Plecostomus That is, not every Red Whiptail is a Red Whiptail. 14. Lol. tiger oscar md/sm. 20x available. Super Red Bristlenose Pleco - Ancistrus sp. The rubber pleco, as established, will reach about 7 inches (17. $19. This problem came up some years ago with the hybridization of Red Whiptails (occasionally still referred to as Leliella sp. All 10x for 55. Red algae, which is caused by a lack of carbon dioxide in the water, is really nasty and hangs in threads all over your aquarium. White Lobster. ranger pleco. (Rineloricaria sp. ) Longfin Chocolate Bushynose (Ancistrus sp. I do have males and females in the group. silver blueberry arowana. asst fancy guppy pairs md. First, let's take an albino red tail catfish for sale as a pointer to temperament, which is vital to selecting fish. People tend to choose the Bristlenose over the Common Pleco because of their smaller size and they are easier to keep. With a little bit of guidance, your gulper, red tail, or any other species is easy to choose. Blue fin pleco live in River Orinoco. Color scheme The Orinoco River is located in Colombia and Venezuela. 425. L333 1 1/4" $25. We only ship fish & other livestock with FedEx Priority Overnight. German Blue Ram Cichlid Microgeophagus ramirezi IN STOCK. 00 Common Bristlenose 2"++ pack of 6 : Td3aquatics: 06d 15h + 25. FINAL FANTASY XIV, Fishing Database - Cat became hungry Tiny white spots cover the body of this rare freshwater fish. You may see your turtles snapping at the pleco if they feel threatened. 00 6 +1 Short Fin Super Red Calico w/longfin genes : Mppicard: 01d 23h + No Bids: 48. Distribution. Red Flags. orange swordtials. SOLD OUT Calico bristlenose pleco's 1 1/2" $10. Starting to color up with nice red color. Firefish peacock temperaments are similar to other aulonocara Merseyside Aquatic Warehouse. Green Phantom Pleco : Hemiancistrus subviridis (L200) Magnum Pleco : Baryancistrus sp. Now go add some variable products! SKU: N/A Category: Plecostomus. Blue Panaque Pleco L239 M/S $ 111. Its mouth is on the bottom of its head and is designed such as a suction cup. 95 $14. It has a very distinctive layered composition with striking, bold shades of red and orange. Red Bristlenose Pleco Florida Sm/md $ 59. electroxian 9,531 views. Arowana (dragon fish ) CatFish Cichlids Currently stock list Currently stock list!!! Red Pleco Scarlet L25 7 points size 10 inch . 00 – $149. Blue Phantom Pleco - L128 (Hemiancistrus sp. Live Fish Delivery India. I really need to order this. Vampire Tetra. 1/2 inch 1 I painted Blue fin pleco dragon. 00 Bristle Nose (Ancistrus) Red Marble Used, Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus ~ 2cm . DELIVERY COST IS FIXED AT £30 FOR ANY NUMBER OF there seems to be a bit of a debate over what type of plec this little fella is. pleco became a dragon. Gold Trim Royal Pleco L418 Lrg $ 262. Basic Bundle - $ 29. 99. red The L190 or Royal Pleco is a large growing Panaque and probably the most well-known of the several species and variants known as Royal Plecos in the trade. Re: Green Dragon Bristlenose Oh I forgot what I was responding to the thread for,lol(silly bettas make me forget) I have three of Susans green dragons and they are awesome. The Blue phantom pleco belongs to the genus Hemiancistrus and has been assigned the L-number L128. Each piece has it's own unique shape and the two tone coloring is second to none. Your best bet would be to remove the turtles and put a pleco in there alone or with other pleco's and then put the turtles back in there after the tank is clean. Free shipping over $149! Call 1-877-367-4377 to order. red dragon pleco

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